Fingerprint Biometrics

  • Why Biometrics Are Surging in Popularity

    Overwhelming statistics clearly indicate that single-factor authentication — especially the use of systems that rely largely on passwords and ID cards — no longer work. It’s simply too easy for one person to pretend to be another by compromising passwords or stealing, borrowing or forging ID cards.

    Fingerprints are by far the most popular biometric choice for a number of reasons. They are the oldest and most accepted biometric modality and tend to be one of the easiest characteristics to capture and verify. DigitalPersona offers a wide range of optical and silicon readers that allow you to choose the solution that best aligns with your security needs and your budget requirements.

  • The cost of weak authentication

    The financial implications associated with weak authentication can be disastrous. The average cost of a corporate security breach is $7.2M. Retailers lose an average of 7% of annual revenues to theft and fraud by employees. Patient misidentification errors cost more than $55B annually in the U.S. alone.

    This reality, along with three global megatrends — globalization, decentralization and mobility — are driving a worldwide adoption of biometrics. Because, while passwords, tokens and ID cards can be faked, forged, stolen or otherwise compromised, biometrics are inextricably tied to individuals.

  • Multiple technologies to meet your needs

    We understand that different applications require different form factors. Some need desktop USB-connected fingerprint readers while others need smaller, more portable or lower cost form factors. That’s why we offer our customers a wide range of fingerprint biometrics solutions.

    Determining true identity in a physical or virtual environment empowers organizations to protect what’s important to them and at the same time increases efficiency and service levels. Biometrics-based solutions can speed processes and improve accuracy in programs such as banking and government entitlement benefits. DigitalPersona continues to invest in new technologies and advance our offerings, so you can remain one step ahead of the challenges that seem to change on a daily basis.